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Richard Maize is currently a partner in a distressed assets venture, an investor in a local food truck business, and a partner in an internet public relations firm, among other initiatives. He chooses his businesses and investments with the same zeal for business strategy and tactics that propelled him to early real estate success. 

While attending California State University, Northridge, Richard Maize began building his investing portfolio. Later, his leadership of his mortgage banking firm earned him the Mortgage Originators Top Ten National Producers Award, as well as a platform as a well-known subject matter expert on television and in other media. He has repeatedly aided new investors in distress by providing free financial and real estate guidance. Richard Maize, a 28-year-old entrepreneur and investor, had amassed a portfolio of 1,000 apartment rental properties by the age of 28. He now owns investment properties in 20 states after three decades in the business. 

Richard Maize’s long-standing reputation for sound business judgment stems from his establishment, growth, and successful liquidation of one of the country’s largest and most reputable mortgage banking firms. He and his wife has contributed a large amount of time to philanthropy over the years. Through the Rochelle and Richard Maize Foundation, they support causes in the arts, culture, healthcare, the environment, and family social services. In addition, the foundation promotes initiatives that give marginalized young people new chances.

Richard Maize is also a member of the American Cancer Society, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services boards of directors. He has received various community plaudits and recognitions for his work to these and other humanitarian organizations.


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